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Our Mission

Founded in 2017, Wireless Data Collections’ mission is to help connect the world through our superior service and partnerships, while being the most customer-focused in the industry, creating new connections and innovative possibilities for all. 
We are an end-to-end (E2E) RF engineering services company with a reputation for high quality, quick turnaround, and low cost service. 


Imagem Marketing - connected city - iStock-916414276.jpg


Our vision is to be the premier end-to-end RF services company in the United States, with the goal to expand our brand globally to encompass any underserved need where we can apply our knowledge to solve problems.

We believe in the connected city of the future and are well-positioned to meet those RF needs.
WDC treats our customers the way we treat our employees: with respect, honesty, and integrity. We also care about the quality of our service, and strive to execute on our commitments to one another & our customers. WDC is committed to continuous improvement by building on a base of knowledge utilizing best practices, and will continue to innovate as thought leaders in this space.


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