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Our Solutions

Venue Testing

In-building wireless networks have stringent test & measurement requirements due to a variety of factors, including building materials, distance to the nearest macrocellular site, and number of floors. Typically the macrocellular service hands-off to an in-building microcellular network consisting of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) and SmallCells inside the venue. WDC sees the challenges here not just of service area coverage, but one of capacity, where people are using their wireless devices the most: indoors.  WDC Venue Testing consists of measuring signal in-building in a variety of structures, including stadiums, hospitals, school campuses, and airports to determine important KPIs.

Drive Testing

WDC’s Drive Testing service utilizes a combination of the above methodologies to determine existing signal per macrocellular site, per cluster, per market or city, or even nationwide. Typically the set of KPIs are expanded to include layer messaging, handoffs/handovers, dropped calls or poor data speeds, and call set up or network failures


WDC’s RF Benchmarking services consist of measuring the existing signal, indoor/outdoor, by operator, and comparing them to one another using a set of industry standard Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  These KPIs are largely agreed to be signal strength, detected interference, technology type, and data speeds. Operator networks consist of macrocells, microcells, DAS, and SmallCells. In the United States, we have the ability benchmark all operators based on the FCC-allocated frequencies these entities are licensed to operate, from legacy to 5G NR/SA/NSA and WiFi.

Public Safety

An Emergency Responder Radio Coverage System (ERRCS) (a DAS system) is essential to prevent radio dead zones for first responders and emergency communications inside a building. WDC can design, test, and verify Public Safety for critical emergency responders in your venue

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RF System Design

Wireless Data Collections specializes in designing robust and efficient RF systems tailored to specific venue needs. From initial site surveys to detailed RF planning, our team ensures optimal signal coverage and capacity. Whether it's for a commercial building, stadium, or an expansive outdoor area, WDC's RF System Design services ensure seamless wireless connectivity, integrating the latest technologies from 4G to 5G and beyond.

Wi-Fi Verification

Like carrier-grade wireless in 4G/5G, Wi-Fi wireless systems also require verification testing to make sure mission-critical communications in venues, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and office buildings are reaching their intended users. WDC has particular experience in verifying Wi-Fi coverage by utilizing best practices methodologies in collecting and analyzing data. We can also assist in making these networks perform to their maximum capability.

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We Make Your Network Better

From concept to deployment, as well as optimization and maintenance, find out how WDC can make your network better.

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